Cardio Fitness

Students exercising on the treadmills in Christian Witness Commons Donovan HallOur current plan is to have high-quality cardio equipment in the rear half (20’x40′) of the floorspace upstairs and the separate¬† yoga/zoomba/pilates studio in the front half (about 20’X40′). The cardio area will have a synthetic floor, while the yoga studio will be natural bamboo over a resilient rubber layer. We do not plan to have free weights but may have some dumb bells and bench.


(2) Elliptical Machines
(2) Treadmills
(1) Stationary Bike
(1) Recumbent Bike
(1) Ergometer (rowing machine)
(1) Stationary universal machine

We also plan to have a water cooler; multiple television monitors; laundered towels, clean yoga mats and (future) separate bathrooms upstairs for the use by our guests.






Soon Come…