Welcome Dolphin Cove to Silver Thatch

dolphincove-swimwithdolphinscayman-015We recently toured the Dolphin Cove facility in Morgan’s Harbour and were very pleased to learn much more about the dolphins, their care, training and that there is more to this company than just the dolphins! They have a bird interaction (Cockatoos, Parrots, Macaws) as well as a FREE tour to Stingray Sand Bar. You can sign up for three levels of interaction with the dolphins, all filmed by a photographer (so the non-participants don’t miss the action). Like Disney World, they sell you a CD with many photos for you to take home (reasonable).

The (6) dolphins are kept in a huge (25 ft deep) seawater tidal pool that was excavated especially for them. They are well fed and cared for and very well treated. All of them are raised in captivity; either in Jamaica or Bahamas, and then flown here. We were impressed with how nice it all was.

Located only a short walk from the restaurants at Morgan’s Harbour, Dolphin Cove is a great day-trip (afternoon to avoid the cruise shippers) for our villa and condo guests. As a special incentive, their manager is offering our Silver Thatch Guests 25% discount in Winter and 40% discount in Summer.

Please click the www.dolphincove.ky website to explore it yourself.  Make a reservation at 345-946-3396. Mention the Silver Thatch Card when you make the reservation.